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How can I put my ukulele skills to good use? Can I reserve a space on campus for a rehearsal? Where can I find people with the same artistic interests as me? What internships are available in the arts? How do I pursue a degree in the arts?

There is so much happening in the arts community at UNC and it can be overwhelming to know where and how to begin your journey into the arts. You’ll often find that you have more questions than answers and once you start looking for those answers and resources, it can be challenging to find them - and even less likely you’ll find them in one place. Until now.

SCAN (Students at Carolina Arts Network) is a student-focused arts hub - a one-stop-arts-info-shop if you will - that was created to support and promote student connections, amplify student arts at Carolina, unify the student arts organizations, and centralize resources. This is where you can go to find your niche, to plug in to the campus creative community.

This platform is one of many projects and efforts spearheaded by Arts Everywhere to promote a more creative Carolina experience. With generous support from the Parents Council, we invite you to explore the endless arts experiences and opportunities on campus as well as the many resources that can help your next arts venture be a success.

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